The Sports and Recreation ministry in Costa Rica works with children and youth and rotates among the three communities of Los Guido, La Capri and Las Fuentes.  This site incorporates a variety of recreational activities with the goal of teaching and mentoring, and ultimately seeing the lives of young people changed for Christ. The most popular sport is soccer, but we also integrate everything from basketball, volleyball, baseball, and general fitness to Ping-Pong!  One day a week, boys attend a bicycle club, where they earn bike parts and learn to do repairs by working on their own bicycles, but also by fixing bikes for others.  Outreach participants will build relationships while playing sports, assisting in coaching exercises, and participating in devotionals with the various groups of children and youth.

Dress Code for Sports::
  • Spots attire ( Ladies please make sure your shorts are longer then mid-thigh) 
  • Shoes you dont mind getting dirty, playing soccer or hiking. 
  • Please bring a change a clothes to your site
  • A small umbrella
  • A light jacket or sweater  

Donation List:: 

-    Balls (soccer (indoor and outdoor), team handball)
-       Nets for table-tennis (ping-pong)
-       Portable speakers
-       Stopwatches
-       Soccer uniforms
-       Team Handball Uniforms
-       Soccer cleats (sizes 5 through 11)
-       Tennis shoes for indoor soccer, runner, and play (sizes 5 through 11)
-       Jump ropes
-       Bicycle tubes (various sizes)
-       Bicycle patch kits
-       Bicycle tires (various sizes)

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