Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SI Summer 2015

       It is hard to believe that the summer has come and gone! The past few months have flown by and have been busy with over a hundred outreach participants joining us in Costa Rica. The teams were a huge help at all of the ministry sites and they were a blessing to the staff here at SI Costa Rica. 
       We had teams from California, Arizona, Ohio, Indiana, and Texas. Having so many extra hands to work in the communities of La Capri, Las Fuentes, and Los Guido and love on the people we work with was such a testament to the power of acting as the hands and feet of Jesus. The summer consisted of hikes, water balloon fights, trips to the National Stadium, an adventure to see the Minion movie, and so much more! Above all else, we got to witness the power of the Gospel at work in Costa Rica. 

You can check out our outreach videos from the links below: 

GCU Outreach May 25-June 6, 2015 

Immanuel High School, FPU, Hanford First Baptist, Urbana United Methodist Church Outreach June June 6-June 20, 2015 

Harvest Church Outreach June 21-July 4, 2015

The Well Community Church and Neighborhood Church Outreach July 6-July 18, 2015

Team McFarland, BCS, Ross Family, Ashley and Melissa Outreach, July 20-August 1, 2015

FBC Tyler Outreach August 1-August 9, 2015

Thank you so much to all who joined us on an outreach this summer! You were such a huge blessing to everyone involved with SICR! A huge thank you also goes out to our 5 interns who were a wonderful asset to the SI team this summer!

If you are interested in taking a team to Costa Rica, you can find more information at our website! 
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fifteen Days of Vacation

       The kiddos of Desamparados were on a brief summer break the past few weeks. The locals, Ticos, refer to it as Quince Dias de Vacaciones: 15 Days of Vacation. We were fortunate enough to have outreach teams from Neighborhood Church in Visalia and The Well Community Church in Fresno here while the local students were on break. There were some great opportunities to have unique activities at ministry sites and travel on field trips. Having teams here was such a huge blessing in terms of serving the communities like La Capri, Los Guido, and Las Fuentes. The vacation time included: water balloon fights, tours of the National Stadium, cooking lessons, picnics, and game days.

       The Sports Site and Tutoring Center had a water balloon fight to celebrate their vacation time.

Sports and Social Services traveled to the Estadio Nacional, Costa Rica's National Stadium, and take a tour. They also got to enjoy a hot dog picnic in the park afterwards.

The Tutoring Center spent one of their vacation days cooking and creating! They made pizza con fruta (fruit pizza). 

The Micro Finance ladies had a gameday in a park and munched on fruit salad at one of their homes later on. 

 Social Work spent some time at the park!

The Woodshop students worked hard on projects like chorreadors and refurbishing a crib. 

       Thank you so much to Neighborhood and The Well for their help the past couple weeks! It is such a blessing to have outreach teams to come alongside the staff and pour into the communities we work with. 

 Social Services 

 Micro Finance 


 Social Work

 Tutoring Center


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

National Staff Partnership

National Staff Partnership
We invite you to join our National Staff as a part of their prayer and financial support team.

 Josè Malespin     Rafael Thompson    Diana Mora
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Your support makes it possible for missionaries serving in their own country to join Students International in full-time ministry.

Juan Centeno    Cindy Arias
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Our National Staff understand the culture and the communities we serve.  God is using them to open doors and impact lives in profound ways.

How does the National Staff Partnership work?

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You will receive a Prayer Card from your sponsored Staff reminding
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ukulele fun at the Woodshop...

Lately things have been busy at our Woodshop site.

Some of the guys there have decided to work on a fun new project. Ukuleles! 
For those who do/don't know Joshua (our Woodshop site leader), he has a gift for working with wood and playing music. In the past he has made custom ukuleles, and now he is teaching the woodshop guys how to make them. 

The guys are doing a great job and the ukuleles are looking good. Cant wait to see how they turn out!!! 

*** We are still raising money to be able to purchase the woodshop building. If you would like more information, here is the link to a past blog post that gives all the information and ways to be able to partner with us. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Día de Familia

About 6 times a year, we the SICR staff have a Dia de Familia. It is a day where the SICR staff and their families (kids included) get to hangout together. In the past we have gone to the beach, BBQ at the Dixon's house, etc.

Over the years, SICR has grown! In the past the adults have out number the kids, but as the SICR staff continues to grow, so does the ratio of kids to adults. (right now we are equal with Kids/Adults) 

This last Saturday we had a Dia de familia. This one was an important one because just 2 weeks ago, we welcomed the Fast family to our staff! Also it was the first one that our newest National staff Rafael and Juan have ever been too. 

Ruinas de Ujarras
We spent the afternoon at Ruinas de Ujarras. It is a historical park that has a Spanish Colonial Church that was built between 1575 and 1580 there. This park is perfect for families. It has a playground where kids can play, large grass area to throw a ball around or play tag, as well as some nice picnic tables. 

Once we got there, we set up camp! Sorry there were no tents or anything, but we claimed a spot for us to BBQ and still keep an eye on the kiddos. 

From there we went to Diana's grandpa's house in Cachí and had cafecito there. 

Overall the day was such a blessing to be able to spend time with each other outside of work, get to know each others families and spend sometime just laughing!

Dia de Familia Agosto 2014 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer 2014

What a SUMMER!!!

We had over 100 people come this summer with a team. That means we had over 100 extra hands to help us love on the communities we work in! 
Not to mention we had 6 amazing interns that spent the whole summer here. 

Our 6 AMAZING interns! 

What a HUGE blessing you all were!  They did anything from going on crazy all day hikes, to fixing bikes and even having a little (HUGE) water fight! 

So THANK YOU all for all your hard work, for showing God's love to the people here and for willing to be apart of our SICR lives for two weeks! 

If you are interested in taking a team to Costa Rica, you can find more information at our website! 
If you want to be on our SICR mailing list, send an email to us and we will love to add you to the list to get the latest SICR news!