Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fifteen Days of Vacation

       The kiddos of Desamparados were on a brief summer break the past few weeks. The locals, Ticos, refer to it as Quince Dias de Vacaciones: 15 Days of Vacation. We were fortunate enough to have outreach teams from Neighborhood Church in Visalia and The Well Community Church in Fresno here while the local students were on break. There were some great opportunities to have unique activities at ministry sites and travel on field trips. Having teams here was such a huge blessing in terms of serving the communities like La Capri, Los Guido, and Las Fuentes. The vacation time included: water balloon fights, tours of the National Stadium, cooking lessons, picnics, and game days.

       The Sports Site and Tutoring Center had a water balloon fight to celebrate their vacation time.

Sports and Social Services traveled to the Estadio Nacional, Costa Rica's National Stadium, and take a tour. They also got to enjoy a hot dog picnic in the park afterwards.

The Tutoring Center spent one of their vacation days cooking and creating! They made pizza con fruta (fruit pizza). 

The Micro Finance ladies had a gameday in a park and munched on fruit salad at one of their homes later on. 

 Social Work spent some time at the park!

The Woodshop students worked hard on projects like chorreadors and refurbishing a crib. 

       Thank you so much to Neighborhood and The Well for their help the past couple weeks! It is such a blessing to have outreach teams to come alongside the staff and pour into the communities we work with. 

 Social Services 

 Micro Finance 


 Social Work

 Tutoring Center


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