Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Growth & Opportunities at the Woodshop

Our Woodshop ministry is growing and prayers are being answered. Joshua and Jehudi are doing a tremendous job of guiding the Woodshop as it grows.  Here is Joshua's perspective of what is currently going on at the Woodshop.

 "We are seeing growth in various areas of the ministry, and most importantly in our focus on the Gospel. Due to all the new students at the shop we have had to implement a more formal schedule as up to 15-16 kids have been showing up every day. We now regulate the schedule according to the student's school schedules if applicable. These kids often ask just the right questions to get into the good news of Jesus' work and resurrection, and through prayer the door is open for the gospel to go forth.The Lord has provided for the shop step by step and it could hardly be more encouraging to see how the Lord has been investing in this ministry through His people. I give thanks daily for this opportunity to be involved in what the Lord is doing and I am grateful to be able to share this blessing with our many supporters. " 

One of our dreams has been to be able to partner up with INA (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje), which is the Costa Rican national trade school in hopes to be able to offer nationally recognized certifications. This is something that we are in the beginning stages of investigating, but hopefully one day this dream can become a reality. 

Opportunity to Buy
We have been renting the Woodshop building for the last four years, and now there is the possibility to buy the building! Being able to buy the  Woodshopbuilding means extra space and freedom of ownership which would really streamline the  Woodshop's ability to maintain the facility and modify it according to our needs. It would also allow us to grow into a trade school to be able to potentially offer more than carpentry. Some of the ideas are: graphic design, baking, sewing, business, etc.

But we cant do it with out your help! In order for us to buy it, we would need the extra help from our donors. We lack $60,000 to be able to purchase the property free and clear.  However a generous donor is providing the opportunity of a $30,000 matching gift.  This means we only need to raise an additional $30,000 and we can purchase the woodshop!  This is a tremendous opportunity to double your gift.  Click here if you would like to help make this dream a reality!

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